The Industrial AI Academy provides insights on what Industrial AI is, shows typical use cases and also gives you best practices on how to run such projects from idea and use case identification all the way to deployment in a production plant or machine.

It is brought to you by NNAISENSE, the inventors of many AI/ML technologies that are today used by your teams and many of the largest internet companies like Google, Apple, Baidu to name a few.

NNAISENSE hall of fame.

The NNAISENSE team won more international competitions in machine learning and pattern recognition than any other in the world, and the first with superhuman vision performance.

The NNAISENSE team pioneered very deep learners (LSTM) since the early 1990s that are now being used by Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Baidu.

Among first (2010) to train deep networks with GPUs.

Invented first very deep feed-forward neural networks (U.S. PATENT 10,984,320)

NNAISENSE Hallo of fame
INDUSTRIAL AI for Technical Management

This track is for CTO, VP Engineering, VP Project Management etc. who need to understand what Industrial AI is and how it can be applied as well as how it can be managed in projects from ideation all the way to deploying and maintaining it in a production environment.

INDUSTRIAL AI for Technology Experts

This track is for technology experts who have to support Industrial AI projects as domain experts. Titles are e.g. software engineer, data analyst, data process engineering, plant engineer, industrial automation engineer.

Ralf Haller

Hi, I’m Ralf Haller, EVP Sales & Marketing at NNAISENSE.

I am a bit the guy behind this Industrial AI Academy although many helped and support it. If you have any questions, suggestions and/or critique please get in touch with me.

Thanks for joining and participating in these exciting courses that will enable you to understand and apply the great opportunities Industrial AI offers.

Enjoy and apply!

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